Fear of the Night Gallery…

Walking Corpses, Killer Dolls,
and Giant Spiders. Oh my!

Greetings Fearless Readers, this evening we’re visiting a dark corner from my childhood, The Night Gallery.

The Night Gallery was a horror and dark fantasy anthology series…

The show aired on the NBC network from 1969 to 1973. It was hosted by the intrepid genius, Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone. Rod acted as the on-air host of The Night Gallery by introducing each episode with an unusual painting that was representative of the next segment. He was also a major contributor of scripts and story ideas, although he did not have the same creative control over the content and tone of the show and as he had on The Twilight Zone. This fact is evident as some of the episodes were truly frighting and some were just downright silly.

Considered by many to be a followup series to The Twilight Zone.

The Night Gallery was considered by many to be logical extension of The Twilight Zone, though both series shared thought-provoking themes of dark fantasy, most of The Twilight Zone’s offerings were in the science fiction genre while The Night Gallery focused on the horror and supernatural genre.

Each episode was introduced with a bizarre painting that represented the story you were about to see.

I have so many wonderful memories of this amazing and somewhat controversial TV show, especially one of the first episodes called THE CEMETERY with Roddy McDowall, and FEAR of SPIDERS. That show gave me quite a few sleepless nights.

I loved the bizarre paintings and the crazy sculptures. And of course, Rod Serling and his incredible voice and character, the way he presented himself was classic 1950s Hollywood genius. I really loved him.

Above is the painting in the house that kept changing. Each time Roddy looked at it, the old man was coming out of his grave and getting closer and closer to the house. Super creepy with a wonderful twist ending.

Here we see good old Rod Serling, introducing the next spooky segment with an unusual painting that will somehow relate to the story we are about to see.

Above, we have the giant spider from A FEAR of SPIDERS. Looking back, it was a pretty cheesy giant spider but it totally scared me when I was kid.

If you’re a podcast kind of person, I would highly recommend The Night Gallery Podcast by Chris Brown. It’s an excellent show in which Chris discusses each and every segment in great detail. The archive of show can can be found at the link below. It’s well worth a listen.